October 2016, Miami, FL • The B.O.M.B. Squad is more than just a cool handle. It’s a group of hip, hairy men that get as big a kick out of fundraising as they do competing for “best beard.” But when their annual fundraising event for Quantum House was rained out by Hurricane Matthew, the brotherhood turned to ChallengeStar to host their five facial hair contests…virtually! And they ended up quadrupling their total raise from previous years, here’s how they did that.

The Solution

With their wick wetted by the storm, Brian Powell created five challenges on ChallengeStar, each pertaining to their separate contest theme. He then reviewed
his plan with his board. They already had the trophies and prizes lined up, so they had incentive. Now it was just a matter of educating the participants. Brian reached out to his ChallengeStar sales rep for help crafting a “how to video” that he could share across social media. With his assets ready, he began messaging about the campaign.

The Execution

By day 3, Brian only had a handful of challengers and a few hundred dollars raised.  The B.O.M.B Squad was well short of their $1,000 goal (which was just based on thehooliganresults of previous years). On day 4, Brian began a  new round of messaging and on day 5, he posted pics of the “BOMBassador” tropy, a machine-cut piece of metal that would be awarded to the post that raised the most money. The donations began pouring in.



The Result

Over $4,000 was raised for the Quantum house in less than 7 days, a 400% increase from last year.

Total Raised:

Raised per day                                # of donations

$59610                                  146

Raised per post                               Average donation

$9935                                 $2858


Challenge 1:
Best Beard

Total Raised    $2,481.69
Challengers      18

$1,166 Raised  $525 Raised     $150 Raised

Challenge 2:

Total Raised    $635
Challengers      10


$220 Raised       $145 Raised   $110 Raised

Challenge 3:
Best Mustache

Total Raised    $605
Challengers      5


$530 Raised       $20 Raised      $10 Raised

Challenge 4:
Best Partial Beard

Total Raised     $325
Challengers      10


$80 Raised      $50 Raised       $40 Raised

Challenge 5:
Best Chops

Total Raised     $150.00
Challengers      3


$60 Raised      $46 Raised       $20 Raised