November 10th, 2016  Miami, FL • The 27th annual Walk on Water competition celebrates innovation and creativity among architecture-minded students. FIU architecture professor Jaime Canaves holds an assignment for his Materials & Construction Methods class: build shoes that can not only float on water, but also sustain a human while walking on water, if a student makes it across the pond without falling they get an A. It’s also about earning a prize, first-place winner with the fastest time earns $1,000.

The Solution

Considering the cash prize is only awarded to the fastest finisher, Professor Canaves wanted to help his students cover their out-of-pocket expenses and reached out to ChallengeStar. With only 6 days remaining before the event, a Walk-on-Water Challenge was created where students could post their story (picture or video), share across social media and raise funds.

The Result

36 students posted their stories and a total of $671 was raised. The winning time of one minute and six seconds was posted by team Immanuel Miranda-Burns and William Valle Pinto, who’s team incidentally was sponsored by ChallengeStar.

Total Raised:

Raised per day                                # of donations

$19585                                  30

Raised per post                               Average donation

$1864                                 $2236