Fun with Friends

Fun with Friends

ChallengeStar knows good friends are hard to come by. Strengthen the bond and fight for causes you believe in, or get over your Monday blues with a funny challenge.

Helpful Hints: 

  • Create a group for your friends
  • Choose your Challenge’s Privacy Settings Wisely! Have your friends join, and others watch, if you dare…
  • Raise $ for an occasion, or get the $ you lost from that wager back!

Some Challenge Ideas:

shutterstock_163391222Birthday Wishes
We at ChallengeStar could’ve personally benefited from a Birthday Wish Challenge, considering we forgot a few. Make a “Birthday Wish Challenge” where the challengers can wish their friend a Happy Birthday and raise some money to get them a little sumpin’ sumpin’.




shutterstock_280818023-copyRoast of …
Are your set of friends more likely to roast the other, rather than wish “Happy Birthday”? Challenge your friends to roast them! Set the rules (No below the belt stuff etc.). If you do swing below the belt make sure to make up for it by throwing in some $ to soften the blow. We can call this ChallengeStar Justice.




shutterstock_269005427Best Throwback
Everyone loves a nice sepia-tone photo. Show ChallengeStar how you’ve outgrown wearing bowls of spaghetti, and give the world vintage you content! These challenges are easy to find by hash tagging (#tbt).






shutterstock_196793549-copyDuplicate Challenges
Have you found any challenges that you think would be great to play with your friends? Perfect! Duplicate the challenge and edit it as you see fit. There are some good one’s out there take a look!