You already play nice with the ‘In-laws’ during the holidays. Why not create some challenges and leave with some dignity for once?! Kidding aside it’s nice to get friends and family together. Lighten the mood and get the laughs going with some challenges. Make a group for the fam! Rally behind a cause or create your own. Here are some we thought of. Though, we know you can do better.

Helpful Hints:

  • Create a group for your family and friends
  • Use hashtag’s so your family and friends can easily find challenges the group has created

Some Challenge Ideas:

4th-of-JulyNew Years Resolution
Finally, a way to reward those who live up to their New Year’s Resolution! Keep this short and sweet or make it a year long challenge. Have challengers post a pic or vid of them reaching their goals!







xmas4029155MediumMost Original Decorations
We know how competitive you can be with your holiday lights. It’s time to show the Smiths that you’re place is the reason others stop and stare while driving by during the holidays.




babyscream5467161XSmallGift Reactions
There are prefect times to be filmed and not-so-perfect times to be filmed. ChallengeStar is considering this a perfect time to be filmed! Challenge others to find the best reaction to a gift or even gag gift.





Thanksgiving is ChallengeStar’s favorite US holiday. Have a recipe you would put up against any? Make a challenge for it and let the people decide. Flip the tables and create a “Weight Gain Challenge”.  ‘Friendsgiving’ Challenges are another great way to celebrate with your closest confidants.


cake7349062XSmallBest Dessert
Snap that photo of your dessert! Show off your baking talents, and Challenge others. Make it a private contest, and challenge your family members to replicate a family recipe. See who can fight hunger with “Best dish under $2.00”


iStock_000030957818_LargeTacky Sweater
Compete against your siblings, cousins, and friends to see whose grandmother loved them the most. You could never throw that sweater away and now you’ve finally found a good reason to use it. Post pics of your tacky sweater, and earn some $ to buy yourself some new threads.