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Jr CEO Market Day Challenge

1) Challenged kids to create a product

2) Families used social media to promote

3) Made fundraising easy with secure payments across all platforms!

Goal: $500

Total raised: $1,264

Challenge Details

JrCEO Market Day Challenge

Cause: The kids

Mission: To experience the challenge of launching a new product.

Description: Over four consecutive weekends, twelve students were asked to craft a new product that could be created, marketed and sold.

• 400+ votes in a pre-event marketing challenge
• Over $1,200 raised (sold) in 7 days
• Tens of thousands of impressions

Motivation: Each family earned real money and a corporate donor matched the challenge that raised the most. (Turning $399 into $798 for just one family!)

Direct link: This link will take you to the challenge even if you have to download ChallengeStar first – click here to go to: JrCEO Challenge

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