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Jr CEO Market Day Challenge

1) Browse the kids’ businesses below and buy a product!

2) Share a post with your friends

3) Jump onto the ChallengeStar app to see the full pitches and behind-the-scenes

Goal: $500

Total raised: $1,264

Challenge Details

JrCEO Market Day Challenge

Cause: The kids

Mission: To experience the challenge of launching a new product.

Description: Over four consecutive weekends, twelve students were asked to craft a new product that could be created, marketed and sold. We now have a dozen budding young new business men and women. Can you help support them?

‼️ IMPORTANT: share your posts from ChallengeStar to your other networks and your posts become virtual collection jars! People can give, not just a like, but real 💰 so rally your friends to give!

Reward: Each child will be earning real money, thanks to you. However, the student that raises the most money will be matched by ChallengeStar!

Duration: Challenge ends Friday, July 29, 2016

Direct link: This link will take you to the challenge even if you have to download ChallengeStar first – click here to go to: JrCEO Challenge

How you can help

You can help these aspiring CEO’s by doing any of the following:

  1. Purchase one of their products. It’s an expensive way to blow a kid’s mind!
  2. Rally your friends by sharing. Don’t be too proud!

Let’s help these kids and their mission to learn! Thanks :)

Hurry! This challenge ends in…

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