Robert Parente Film Student Scholarship Memorial Fund

Total raised: $821.55

All funds will be donated to Robert’s memorial fund.

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Robert Parente Film Scholarship Memorial Fund

Cause: Robert Parente Film Scholarship Memorial Fund

Mission: Lets remember Robert together for a great cause. Follow the link below to donate.

Description: Robert Parente, fondly known as “RP” to those who knew him, dedicated much of his life not only to being behind a camera, but to helping others, especially young adults who were interested in pursuing a career in the arts. In his role as Miami’s Film Commisioner, RP made it one of his missions to give students real life educational experiences, arranging behind the scene tours of film sets and encouraging them to explore all the different available career options not just that of “director.” This memorial fund will seek to continue RP’s legacy of inspiring young students to pursue their passion in an arts related career. The fund will first focus on sponsoring Miami- Dade College film students who wish to participate in MDC’s internship program. Each student’s cost per semester to participate in the program is approximately $300.

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