Brand Challenges

Brand Challenges

ChallengeStar helps brands engage with their loyal fans and target new ones by having them categorized along common themes and hashtags. Wehelp brands turn the tables by having fans compete for THEIR attention. Did we mention as the creator of challenges you get a cut of the total pot paid out? Marketing that literally pays for itself
Helpful Hints: 

  • “Sweeten the Pot” – Give your loyalists a compelling reason to jump into your challenges…(Spend your marketing $ here!)
  • Use hash tags so others can easily find you
  • Leverage your strong social media presence from other platforms with our ‘Share’ feature

Some Challenge Ideas:

shutterstock_289071767Name your Next Product
If you sell ice cream, fishing rods, or even jewelry ChallengeStar is for you too! Have your fans name your next product. Keep them loyal by rewarding them with your products, or cash.



shutterstock_277460006-copy-2Don’t watch from the sidelines
ChallengeStar gives you a unique opportunity to be One with your fans. Jump into challenges created by your fans that may embody who you are as a company. Earn some street cred and ‘Sweeten-the-Pot’.



shutterstock_133178651Give them fame!
Some fans yearn for more than prizes! Give credit where credit is due. Leverage your presence on other social media platforms, and ‘Share’ the winning post.