Brendan’s Musical Competition


1) Download ChallengeStar

2) Search for the “Brendan’s Musical Competition” Challenge

3) Post a video and share!


Goal: $15,000
Total raised: $421.63



Challenge Details

Challenge Name: Brendan’s Musical Competition


Cause: Team Stacy

Mission: Brendan Ehrman’s Bar Mitzvah Fundraiser

Description: This musical competition will really keep you on your toes! Post a video of yourself playing your favorite song – either with an instrument of just your voice. Be as creative as possible! Then, after posting your video or seeing someone else’s video you enjoy, please click the link to donate to the VH1 Save the Music Foundation. Good Luck! 😜

‼️ IMPORTANT: share your posts from ChallengeStar to your other networks and your posts become virtual collection jars! People can give, not just a like, but real 💰 so rally your friends to give!

Reward: The post that raises the most money wins the challenge. All proceeds will go to Brendan Ehrman’s Bar Mitzvah Fundraiser.

Duration: Challenge ends Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Direct link: This link will take you to the challenge even if you have to download ChallengeStar first – click here to go to: Save the Music



How you can help

You can help Brendan Ehrman by doing any of the following:

  1. Post a pic or vid on the “Brendan’s Musical Competition” challenge
  2. Rally your friends to give to yours or any post you share from ChallengeStar!
  3. Make a donation to any post via the Pledge button.
  4. Make a donation with the Donate button.

Let’s help Brendan and his mission! Thanks :)



This challenge ends in…