Sporting Events

Sporting Events

Big-venue events like concerts, festivals and sports are just such an exciting backdrop for photo- and vid-challenge contests like ChallengeStar. First off, sports brings out the competitive nature in all of us, which dovetails nicely with ChallengeStar! Second, have you ever been to a party where you didn’t know anyone? People just mingle better when there’s a game to play.

Below are just a few challenge ideas that would work great in big arenas. But be sure to follow our tweets and blogs to learn of more great ideas.


Helpful Hints:

• Create a group for your gameday friends to join

• Use ChallengeStar to raise money for a worthy cause or even for the funding of next year’s road trip!

Some Challenge Ideas:


shutterstock_50346097-copyBiggest Fan
Everyone talks about how they are the “biggest fan”. Let’s see who really means it. Crown the biggest fan with ChallengeStar. Some alternate ideas could be “Best Game Day Sign”!


iStock_000027813186_FullTouchdown / Taunting Dance Challenge
Call it a “touchdown dance” or a “in-your-face” taunt, what dance move would you own if you were standing victorious over your adversary?Hashtag the submissions so they can be browsed with similar challenges from people outside your circles! (#touchdown, #inyourface, #taunt, #goodbye, etc.)




shutterstock_292297223Craziest Tailgate Pic
Well, we’ve been to some pretty crazy tailgates, what about you? Have any pics of the families together in the parking lot of Cowboys on Thanksgiving?  What about the Rose Bowl? World Cup? Craft a challenge for your audience and see what comes!



shutterstock_1327170Best Mascot Selfie or Video
It could be a challenge for funniest selfie with a mascot or a vid contest between mascot dance shenanigans. Either way, this could be pretty cool. If this was a charity challenge then the alma matters would probably get involved in the fundraising to support their team’s namesake.



shutterstock_203985706-copyBest Marching Band Vid
This could be a competition for multiple schools all across the country. This could be based on best renditions, or even formations!





shutterstock_279689030-copyBest (or Worst) Play-by-plays
This could be pretty funny. Do you have a buddy that loves to call the action as it happens like a sportscaster? Maybe it’s in a loud New York accent or a hushed golf-friendly tone, we’re sure there is no shortage of talent out there. See if you can capture it and post it, for fun or for charity!