Team Stacy 🎬 2

1) Download ChallengeStar

2) Search for the “Team Stacy” challenge

3) Post a pic and share!

    >>The post that raises the most money wins a Team Stacy bracelet package!

Goal: $1,000
Total raised: $724.44


Challenge Details

Challenge Name: Team Stacy 🎬 2                                                               TeamStacy_withdirections

Cause: Team Stacy

Mission: To beat cancer…again!

Description: Our good friend Stacy beat breast cancer already, now let’s help her beat pancreatic cancer. Go to the “Team Stacy 🎬 2” challenge and post your personal pics or selfie-videos telling your story of Stacy or even a simple “We love you Stacy!”

‼️ IMPORTANT: share your posts from ChallengeStar to your other networks and your posts become virtual collection jars! People can give, not just a like, but real 💰 so rally your friends to give!

Reward: The post that raises the most money wins a Team Stacy bracelet package for the whole family!

Duration: Challenge ends Friday, May 6, 2016

Direct link: This link will take you to the challenge even if you have to download ChallengeStar first – click here to go to: Team Stacy 2

How you can help

You can help Team Stacy by doing any of the following:

  1. Post a pic or vid on the “Team Stacy 🎬 2” challenge
  2. Rally your friends to give to yours or any post you share from ChallengeStar!
  3. Make a donation to any post via the Pledge button
  4. Make a donation with the Donate button above

Let’s help Stacy and her mission! Thanks :)

Hurry! This challenge ends in…