ChallengeStar Video Commercial

What is ChallengeStar?

ChallengeStar boosts charitable fundraising by leveraging the power of social media.

Think about what you see online — stuff like funny pictures and crazy videos. We asked, what if there was a game to all of this? What if you could challenge others to “beat” whatever it was that you took a photo of? And what if your networks could support a cause by pledging money to their favorite pics or vids?

1. Create A Challenge

2. Invite Your Friends to Post

3. Supporters Pledge to their Favorite Posts

Key Benefits

Low Cost of Entry: Free to download, free to challenge.

Secure Payments: Transactions processed via PayPal.

Expand Reach: Engage and grow via your donors’ networks.

Viral Opportunities: Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge?

Leverage Mobile: Ease the pain of traditional fundraising.