Raise It With ChallengeStar

ChallengeStar boosts charitable fundraising by leveraging the power of social media. Think about what you see online. Stuff like funny pics, crazy vids, and memes. We asked, what if there was a game to all this? What if your audience could support their favorite causes by pledging real money to their favorite post. 

Use our platform with your followers to raise money for any cause!* It could be something as globally noble as cancer research, tsunami victims or underprivileged children. Or it could be as micro as a local soccer team, hoping to raise funds to attend their national tournament halfway across the country.

Either way, with ChallengeStar you may create your own challenges, message your followers to participate and raise money online via our secure payment gateway on web and mobile. Remember the ALS ice water challenge? $117 million in 3 weeks! That aberration should be the norm. What sort of challenges could go viral for you and your cause? You never know until you try.

“For A Cause” Challenge Ideas

Best Soccer Trick


Time to ‘Bend it like Beckham’! Help a local soccer club raise money for their trip to the tournament on the other side of the country. Post a pic or vid of your best soccer trick and share with your friends.

Movember Mustache


Let’s see those ‘staches! Raise awareness for the Movember foundation and men’s prostate cancer by posting a pic of a marvelous mustache or beard.

Make A Splash


Support your favorite charity that strives to provide clean water around the world. Post a pic or vid of the biggest or most creative splash. All it takes is a bit of creativity, some physics, and practice.

ChallengeStar Allows Users To:

  • Download the app and create an account for free
  • Sign on with their Facebook or ChallengeStar accounts
  • Create and share challenges with their followers
  • Raise money securely with 1-touch pledging — tangible dollars charities can use!
  • Transfer any funds raised to Paypal accounts

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*Legal purposes only. Please see our Terms of Use.