What better opportunity for funny pics than a wedding? Sure, everybody starts off all polished and dapper. But inevitably, the music takes over and the crowd responds with some hilarious pics and vids. Below are some tips on how to use ChallengeStar during this glorious occasion. You got next!

Helpful Hints:

• Agree upon a hashtag that you share with your friends so everything about the wedding stays in one place

Use something unique like #smith-jacobs-319 instead of #smithwedding)

• Create a group for your wedding friends to join

This can be a quick and easy way to keep everything all together. Make this your scrapbook.

• Use ChallengeStar to raise money for the new couple!

Just set the challenge to ‘Give $’ and set the new couple’s known email as the recipient


Some Challenge Ideas:

shutterstock_293600930Best Picture of the Bride and/or Groom
See who truly has the best photo of lucky couple. (@ChallengeBuddha suggestion: set the end date for a week after the wedding. So people have time to post and vote…later on. A great way to reminisce and share after the event.) Alternate ideas: “Best Picture WITH the Bride and/or Groom!” or “Best Photobomb of the Bride and/or Groom!”


shutterstock_293018840Best Throwback Photo of the Bride or Groom
Do you have that killer picture of the blushing bride when she was all curly hair and a mouth full of metal? Wouldn’t it be great to share that? What if you could win or raise money for charity or even the couple with these posts? Oh, and what an opportunity to repost this on the Thursday after the wedding. It’s a win-win!


shutterstock_168398552Coolest Wedding Dress
Guys, a little tip for you — the wedding dress is the most important detail of the wedding. If the bride doesn’t look good then nothing else matters. That’s right, the food, the weather, the cake, the open bar, it’s all for naught. And we get it! That’s why brides always look so AMAZING! How about a challenge that will reach out to other
weddings? You could make the expiration 3 months to get some good content and maybe make some new friends!


shutterstock_145253278Best-dressed Couple
Who just looks hot as a couple? Yes, besides the bride and groom. This could be a pretty heated competition. Post those pics of “most sexiest” or “best dancer” or “best dressed” and see where the imagery takes you!




shutterstock_294069326The “Pass the Toast” Shout-out Challenge
Chances are, the few toasts given were way too long and rambling for any of us to really understand. Toasts should be a just a quick shout-out, no? Whether you’re fishing for a random bit of wisdom or back-handed accolades, you can craft a challenge that could be lasting!


shutterstock_294069338Honeymoon? Guess where!
Post a pic or comment of where you think we are going to go for our honeymoon. Sweeten the Pot to help us pay for the honeymoon!



shutterstock_283698803Best (or Worst) Dance Video
This could be cute. And this could be good. Or this could be very, very bad. But, no matter what, it will be funny. Grab those dancing shoes and see who you can get out on the dance floor. And keep that phone handy!